About Me

I’m 6’7″ which means I can often get a peak of what others may miss. I can even sneak a shot off over someone’s shoulder… thus The Bigger Picture.

Ever since I was a nipper I had a passion for exploring what was different. I would always have my nose in a wildlife book and I’d come up for air only to convince my dad to show me his Nikon collection.

With a thirst for travel my jobs have always taken me to far off lands, and I would head off with my camera. Wherever I go I try to travel with dignity, and respect those I meet. I always have my eyes open for those moments in everyday life but I make it a rule not to ‘Take’ a photo, only to capture a moment, and leave a smile..

Now, after some hard work I’ve created a fabulous opportunity to take some time out from work and hit the road again, this time in Central America.
Please join me as I travel through this lovely land, and share my current and past journies with you.

I hope that some images may inspire you to get out and about yourself one day, and if there’s any way I can help you make those first steps then please let me know.

Happy travels!


I’m often moving around but it would be great to make contact with you wherever you are. Here are some things I’m up to this year.

Recent Locations.

In the last year I have traveled to Maui, Big Island and Sri Lanka.. and now on to Central America.

Upcoming projects.

I’m currently travelling through Central America, working my way down from Mexico, through Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia and Ecuador.

Upcoming Workshops.

Whilst travelling it’s often hard to arrange workshops. However if there’s something you’d be interested in learning, or perhaps having me visit your charity or organisation whilst in Central America, then please let me know.