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Central America

2017 Central America In Photos

For me the wanderlust has never left me. The joy I get when I travel to different places can’t be beaten.

Back in 2007 I journeyed to South America and vowed I would return some day. After a few (too many) years saving and planning it’s 2018 and I am now back out here on this lovely continent. Time to practice my Spanish and immerse/ myself in the Latin American Spirit.

Please do follow my blog for detailed progress, or check back to this gallery periodically to see what I’m posting.

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Don’t take a photo of a moment, become part of that moment, only then will the image appear.

My favourite activity in this world is to walk the streets of a new location and to absorb what is happening around me. To breathe in the smells of the local foods, to hear the buzz of the streets, and to see how people interact. Once I feel I start to understand the rhythm of the moment I will feel it’s time to bring out the camera. In this instant I feel I can do the scene justice.

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It’s not about the number of places you’ve been to, but how you’ve experienced them. I hope some of my travels inspire you to pack a suitcase soon.

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