Bolivia and Argentina

This gallery description is home of one of the most frustrating stories of my photographic career.....
As I travelled through South America, after several months on the road I got to a point where I was convinced my camera wasn't focussing correctly. And suffering from the photographic version of hypochondria I found numberous websites which backed up my thoughts.... there was a problem for sure.

So I cut some of my trip short, flew to Argentina and dropped my camera in at the South American NIKON dealership for repairs - no problems found they said. "Yes there is a problem, the images aren't focussing properly." I replied.

Cutting a long story short... and a travel trip, I flew back to the UK only to realise two things.... First, my newer camera and its larger files didn't render properly on the rubbish computers I was using out there at the time. Secondly...... I needed glasses! And this last one was the killer - my photos were in focus, I wasn't!! How many photos didn't I take as a result I can't say... but South America and I aren't finished, that's for sure.

Anyway, please enjoy my photos from Bolivia and Argentina... there are some more in a recycle bin somewhere!